• Athletic Aerosol Paint by All American Paint in Kansas City Missouri
  • Athletic Aerosol Paint by All American Paint in Kansas City Missouri
  • Athletic Aerosol Paint by All American Paint in Kansas City Missouri
  • All American Paint Co. in Kansas City Missouri paint products are 100% Made In The USA
  • Paint, Stencils and Accessories

    From the paint to the can to the shipping materials, everything about our paint product is made on American turf. Can’t say the same for our competitors. And thanks to our rigorous testing methods, we’re always on the mark in quality, innovation and value.

    Here’s what our testing proved when comparing our products to the competition:

    • Better hiding results in both our aerosol and bulk paints
    • Greater linear footage per can from our aerosol paint
    • No hard settling in the bottom of our aerosol paint
    • Higher concentration of pigments and optical brighteners in our bulk paint
    • Better performance from our bulk paint in both airless and compressed air marking machines


    NEW Products

    We have expanded our paint products. In addition to our high-quality turf paint we now offer American-made traffic, and utility paint:


    Ameri-Stripe Utility Paint 

    Ideally suited for ground marking applications where a high level of visibility is required, Ameri-Strip utility paint is known for its excellent spray characteristics, bright colors and tough films; which provide bold, crisp and vivid marking lines. Use this paint on a wide range of horizontal surfaces.

    Ameri-Stripe Traffic Paint 

    Containing a durable enamel coating, Ameri-Stripe traffic paint is designed for use on parking lots, construction sites, warehouses aisles, apartment complexes and fairgrounds. Our traffic paint is ideal for horizontal surfaces where a high-level of visibility and durability is required.


    Custom Stencils

    Show your team spirit. Bring your athletic field to life. All American Paint now offers custom athletic stencils for turf or grass fields. we can create your school mascot, company logo, league emblem or helmet.  All American Paint also offers Pro Number Sets and Hash Mark guide available in 1/8” and 1/16” poly.  Use our athletic stencils in combination with our Ameri-Stripe aerosol paints to get the professional affects you want at an affordable cost.


    Need marking tools for lettering streets, highways, parking lot surfaces and other roadways? Use our parking lot stencils in combination with our new traffic paints. These stencils are available in 1/16” and 1/8” poly making the product more durable than plywood stencils, yet are lighter and resist warping.  


    For additional information about our new utility and traffic paint products or stencils, please call 1-877-334-2730.


    Learn more about our specific products:


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